Join The: Attracting A Better Life Mastery Institute!

In addition to Joining the Institute through a monthly fee (which will get you a monthly newsletter and various valuable reports) each member will have the opportunity to register for and attend courses. The courses will range from basic Law of Attraction, to intermediate, to advanced and on to Coaching Cerification for those who are interested, to Advanced Coaching techniques and a mastermind group. All members will receive a discount on most course fees. Monthly membership is $25.00 and you can pay through paypal (you must join paypal, which is free to do.)  By the way for members the courses are discounted to $400.00 for the six week course. It is $6000.00 for non-members.

Details on the courses coming very soon. It would also assist if you order the book: Focus Change, prior to the course. It is available in most bookstores or available from the publisher: The latest book is: The Spark Within Us also published by: Publish

Dr Ed Moloney


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