Success Stories!

“I have now had around 5 coaching sessions with him and he has been amazing.  I have been reading about the law of attraction for a number of years now and I thought I knew all there was to know, and yet I still wasn’t drawing the results that I wanted.  My coaching with Ed has given me a much deeper understanding of what I thought I already knew and an understanding on how to apply the law of attraction. Ed had taught me meditation/magnetizing techniques, which are such a joy to use and I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it to apply the principles in my life.  I used to think that success was about hard work and struggle.  I feel joy and gratitude for what I already have in my life and so excited at the many wonderful things that are coming my way. One of the great things about having Ed as my coach is that he has absolute faith in me and the results that I want to attract. He is always so positive and I come away from each coaching session feeling inspired. He has taught me to change the way that I talk about myself and my circumstances. Ed also, very kindly stays in touch with me between our coaching sessions and he has emailed some very useful resources such as e-books, websites, video clips and most importantly his own words of wisdom.” -Seema Dodd- Essex, England

“This time in my life is complex and challenging and also an opportunity for new ways of living for me that will lead to my financial freedom and deep well-being throughout all areas of my life. Working with Dr. Ed for the 3 sessions we have had so far has been helpful in assisting me to ‘hear’ myself through his feedback and observations.  This assists me to remember strategies I know work for me and to utilize new ideas and options that Dr. Ed presents.  I have appreciated his focus, sensing his presence even though we are in different continents using skype, the clear feedback he gives me, his encouragement and statements of belief in my ability to move forward in the direction I want to go.  Dr. Ed has also sent me additional resources such as e-books etc which are also good food for thought and use between our telephone sessions. I trust that other clients would also benefit from Dr. Ed’s work and also experience the sense of support and specialist guidance he provides. Thank you again! “- Amanda Frost-Portugal


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